Sell Your Vehicle to Scrap Busters and Earn Big Bucks Today!
                          Clunkers Wanted, Dead or Alive!
Did you know Scrap Busters will pay your Big Bucks for your used car or truck.  Scrap Busters You-Pull Auto and Truck Yard pays you MORE for for that old clunker, so push it, pull it or drive it in today! Or if you prefer, call us and we can have a tow truck come right to your home.  We make it easy… it really is that simple.

Selling your vehicle to Scrap Busters means you cut out the middle man and deal directly with the recycler, guaranteeing  you the most money possible for your car or truck.  

You can also handle the entire transaction over the phone and we can often have a tow truck and a check at your door the same day.  It really is that simple.

Scrap Busters has been helping residents of Wayne County for 25 years and is the leader in used and recycled auto and truck parts in southeastern Michigan. 

Recycling with Scrap Busters is Good for the Environment:
At Scrap Busters, we take great pride in ensuring your vehicle is disposed of in a proper manner.  From the fluids, to the tires to the metal, Scrap Busters is a true recycler.   

What Vehicles does Scrap Busters Buy?

Scrap Busters buys all types of vehicles, foreign and domestic. Dead or Alive, It doesn’t matter what condition your car or truck is in, or if it even runs.  By Selling to Scrap Busters it guarantee's you the most money for your car or truck.

                ******Scrap Busters can only buy vehicles with valid titles.********

         For information on how to obtain a copy of a "Lost Title" click HERE.

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Scrap Busters
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