Bill Wild - Scrap Busters Owner, Successful Mayor and Community Leader.

From the first day of his administration, Mayor William R. (Bill) Wild made a commitment to the citizens of Westland; make one of Michigan's great cities even better, and if elected as Wayne County executive, Bill has the same plans for Wayne County!

Mayor Wild and his administration continue to follow through on that promise by strengthening core priorities such as public safety, clean safe neighborhoods, finding efficiencies within government, exercising sound fiscal management, protecting our environment, and creating a healthier and more vibrant community.


Through Bill’s tireless work ethic and attention to what he believes are the basics that make for a thriving city; Mayor Wild, a successful Community Leader and Businessman in his own right, had been working with other business owners in Westland in hopes to inspire future generations.

Bill Wild believes that citizens are the best civic entrepreneurs. Bill has been forging partnerships to revitalize neighborhoods, strengthening the economy (through workforce investments) and was integral in the creation of a flourishing shopping and dining district, Mayor Wild's vision for Westland is based on a strong, welcoming community that provides unlimited opportunity for success for all.

Stabilizing Our Future:
Westland Mayor, successful businessman and candidate for Wayne County executive, Bill Wild prides himself on making local government more responsive and efficient and has established a host of priorities for the City, with fiscal responsibility being the most imperative. This is an ethic heavily predicated on his well-founded background in business.

In 2009, a series of strategic planning sessions forecasted that the City would be facing a nearly $37 million dollar deficit for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  Through a series of balanced budgets aimed at bringing expenses in line with today’s revenue numbers, Bill Wild worked effectively with the Westland City Council and City Unions, cutting costs and overseeing a strategic downsizing of the City’s workforce.   

Bill Wild effectively erased those deficits and protected a fund surplus for each fiscal year, placing Westland in a fiscally stable position for the future.  As a successful business entrepreneur, Wild has always believed that local government should embrace good business principles that are based on fiscal responsibility and backed with a strong focus on customer service.

Having lived in Westland most of his life, Bill understands that a city is only as strong as its neighborhoods. Under the Mayor’s leadership, the city’s affordable housing supply has increased dramatically, and in the face of the foreclosure crisis, Westland has become a model for foreclosure prevention and responsible home ownership opportunities. 

From investing in new park and green space to creating clean safe neighborhoods through community policing and neighborhood crime watch groups, Mayor Wild is constantly enhancing Westland for its 85,000 residents and visitors. Mayor Wild has remained committed to providing a high quality-of-life for the residents of Westland, Michigan, actively seeking additional opportunities to improve an already thriving community.

Paving the Way for Advancements in Economic Development:
Since taking office Bill Wild has made a commitment to strengthen economic development. Today, Westland is recognized as a regional leader in economic development with a flourishing shopping, dining and entertainment district that continues to grow. Under the Bill's leadership, the city has attracted hundreds of new businesses and has created thousands of jobs as a result. 

Since taking office in 2007, Westland has seen over $100 million in commercial construction improvements, creating much needed job opportunities for its residential workforce.  As Wayne County executive, Bill plans to bring this same aggressive economic growth to Wayne County.

Regionally Speaking:
A strong proponent of regional solutions, consolidation and shared services; Westland Mayor Bill Wild is consistently seeking innovative and cost effective solutions for delivering services. 

In August of 2012, the cities’ of Wayne and Westland commemorated the signing of a historic intergovernmental agreement to consolidate the cities’ advanced life support and fire services, creating one sustainable fire department. 

Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley attended the ribbon cutting ceremony as the keynote and stated  “This agreement represents a new way forward for local governments to reduce costs through consolidation while continuing to meet their critical public safety duties.” 

The cities have also combined parks and recreation departments giving residents in both communities access to an incredible portfolio of 40 parks with a combined 1500 acres of parkland and trails.  This merger has since become a blueprint for other communities seeking cost-effective solutions, and has saved both cities $320,000 collectively in the first year alone.

Understanding that sustainable cities and regions are rapidly becoming the defining element of the global economy, Bill Wild is partnering with Western Wayne County’s three largest communities (Dearborn, Livonia and Canton Township) to seek collective opportunities to share resources, save money and improve service delivery to residents long-term. 

To grow and remain viable in today’s marketplace, the Bill  understands that working together towards shared strategies and pursuing collaborative partnerships that build on a community’s strengths and assets is integral to future growth and prosperity.

Protecting the Environment:
In 2009 Bill Wild launched “The Westland Mission: Green!” Initiative; a local program designed to promote sustainable living while also encouraging citizens to incorporate environmentally best practices into their daily lives. To date, the city’s curbside recycling program boasts one of the nation’s highest participation rates and has saved Westland several hundred thousand dollars each year on land fill costs by recycling approximately 1 million pounds of trash monthly. 

This program has neighboring communities, as well as cities around the nation, calling Mayor Bill Wild’s office to find how they can establish a similar program focused on saving their communities money on sanitation costs while working to reduce their city's carbon footprint as well. 

Creating a Healthier Community:
In addition to focusing on fiscal responsibility, community development, job growth and environmental issues, Bill Wild has made a very personal commitment to public health. In a private public partnership with St. Mary Mercy Hospital along with many of Westland’s local businesses, Mayor Wild launched “Passport to a Healthy City,” a community-based health initiative focused on promoting a healthier lifestyle through education, diet and exercise. 

Going a step further to improve the health of Westland’s residents, the Bill Wild partnered with local pastor and contestant from season 13 of NBC’s “Biggest Loser”, Allen “Buddy” Shuh, who is now offering a free fitness program to residents during the winter months.  Over 400 people have registered to date, making the commitment to creating a healthier lifestyle.

Local, Regional and National Leadership:
Westland Mayor and candidate for Wayne County Executive, Bill Wild serves as the Michigan Ambassador to the Transportation and Communications Committee; and the Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment and Sports Committees, for the United States Conference of Mayors. 

He also serves on the Legislative Governance Committee for the Michigan Municipal League, is a member and past chairman of the Conference of Western Wayne, and a delegate on the SEMCOG executive committee. 

In 2010, Mayor Wild was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA), and currently serves as the Chairman of the Central Wayne County Sanitation Authority. (CWCSA)

Bill Wild Personal:
Westland Mayor and just announced candidate for Wayne County Executive, Bill Wild and his wife Sherri; a 6th grade science teacher, are longtime residents of Westland and the proud parents of three children: Luke, 10, Lily, 8, and Payton, 6. In his spare time Bill, a self-proclaimed “West Wing Junkie,” enjoys playing hockey, cooking, reading and attending his children’s after school activities.  

"Wild for Wayne County"
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Photos to left are of Bill Wild at work as Mayor of Westland, Dedicated Family Man, and Avid Hockey Player and Fan.  GO WINGS!

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